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LEGO precision technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd

Founded in 2011, the company is a professional company engaged in mold manufacturing and aluminum die casting production, and its products are sold at home and abroad. Business scope: aluminum die casting mold manufacturing, aluminum die casting production and subsequent processing; The service targets cover many industries, such as automobile, medical treatment, civil hardware and so on.
Welfare benefits: pay 5 insurances and 1 fund, company travel, year-end bonus, annual salary leave and annual meeting in the month of employment. Annual salary increase. Provide working meals, accommodation and commuting on a reimbursable basis.
Due to the expansion of the company's business and the increase in the number of tasks, we are now recruiting the following jobs (directly recruited by the manufacturer).
1. One non-standard automatic mechanical design engineer
Requirements: design, develop and manufacture non-standard equipment, special equipment and processing automation production line, various tooling fixtures, etc. according to the characteristics of production process and production requirements. College degree or above, proficient in using CAD, SolidWorks and other related drawing software, mechanical design, non-standard design and tooling fixture design experience of at least 3 years, and must have independent design ability and salary interview.
2. 2 fitters
Requirements: more than 3 years working experience in mold, major in machinery, understand process, understand drawings, be able to adapt to 12 hour shift and long-term overtime, salary interview.
3. 1 milling machine
Requirements: be engaged in milling machine processing for more than 3 years, be able to read drawings, operate independently, have a sense of responsibility and teamwork.
4. Machining center, 10 CNC lathe operators
Requirements: hardworking, can adapt to 12 hour shift and long-term overtime, can understand procedures, experience is preferred.
5. 3 Die Casting operators
Requirements: male, under 45 years old, in good health. Can adapt to 12 hour shift and long-term overtime. The comprehensive salary is about 4000 ~ 5000 yuan / month.
6. Deburring 6
Requirements: male or female, 25-45 years old, healthy, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, serious and careful work, able to independently complete grinding and polishing work, obey management, long day shift, and must adapt to overtime. Salary: the comprehensive salary is about 4000 ~ 4500 yuan / month.
7. Polishing 1 / shot blasting 1
Requirements: male, junior high school degree or above, aged 25 ~ 45 years old, healthy, hardworking, serious and careful work, subject to management, shot blasting requires shift work.
8. 1 warehouse keeper
Requirements: male, under 40 years old, can drive forklifts and trucks Need to go out for delivery and salary interview.
9. 2 patrol inspectors
Requirements: female, under 35 years old, experienced, able to work in shifts, map reading and measurement, sense of responsibility, clear mind and flexible thinking.
10. 3 outgoing inspectors
Requirements: male or female, under 45 years old, long day shift, healthy, able to adapt to overtime
Company address: 1-2, phase III, Songlan Industrial Park, Dalian Development Zone (100m northbound of Dakai driving school)

Bus route: take bus No. 2 to Songlan village, the terminal station, and go southbound for 200 meters
Interested parties please call 13079875277 email: xingxin@dllegao.com